Monday, April 21, 2008

summer plans...

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place in regards to our summer vacation this year. We have gotten into the "habit" of going home to Maine every summer/fall since Mike and I have been together and now that we have kids it is expected that of course we will continue to come. I am seriously thinking about not going this summer. I really want to see my dad's family in Boothbay but do I really want to make an 1800 mile trip to the same town I have been visiting for the last 7 year? Isn't it time for something different? Is it fair for everyone to expect me to come to them and not get a chance to see other places with my husband and kids?

Now this summer is a bit different in that my mom's family will be holding a memorial service for my aunt that just passed away this spring and of course I would like to attend and show my support but I did do all the family/celebrating her life stuff here in Florida when she passed. So do I really need to go home for this too? Part of me says yes and the other part is like no way man, I did my part already. I am so if we don't go for that then we won't go to see my dad and family like we always have in the past.

I'm sure they will all be pissed but it is really going to be a huge expense. 4 plane tickets, a car rental and this year we would rather stay on our own than bunk at my dad's so that is going to cost us too....They don't understand that we need our space - they just know that they want us to come and offer us whatever we need in regards to cars, sleeping areas, etc....

It's just not that simple.... FOR THE PLANE ALONE - 2 car seats, double stroller, diaper bag/backpack w/supplies, toys, movies, portable DVD player - plus juggling an active very independent almost 4 yr old and a very excitable 9 month old.....

I just don't know what to do - Mike and I have talked about taking a vacation a bit closer to home so we could drive and then just rent a cabin or beach house - be leisurely, do new things, see new places.....



Melissa said...

First off, there is no reason why you need to go to Maine. With a family of 4 and the economy the way it is, it is going to be costly. Hello? There's at least 3 plane tickets you have to buy.

Second off, you do not need to feel guilt for not participating in a memorial. If it was me, I wouldn't. It would reopen old wounds and undo any healing that I had done for myself.

So, my suggestion to you is to find something close by (within a few hours drive) and go as a family. Just the 4 of you. Enjoy a FAMILY vacation.

And have the best time of your life!

Sarah said...

Ok...being a part of the family here in Maine I felt it was necessary to comment.
To get the word straight I do not EXPECT you to come I just really enjoy when you do. I completely understand that it is WAYYYY too expensive and extremely difficult, why do you think I have not ventured down there? Also I understand wanting a new vacation spot, again why do you think we have not come down as a family...we have been there 100 times.
Of course your father and other family may be dissapointed but they will get over it.
As far as your aunt's memorial I cant tell you what to do. Follow your heart. Go if you want and dont go if you dont want but dont not go and then feel guilty that you didnt because you cant take that be sure to think it through entirely!! You have already paid your respects and said goodbye so you should not feel you HAVE to go by any means. Write down the pros and to speak.
ok so whereever you end up this summer have a blast and enjoy your vacation!