Friday, December 11, 2009

Journey - Month 12 - December 2009

picture taken in downtown disney last week

1. What I had for lunch today: turkey, ham, cheese sand on wheat, baked lays, diet dew
2. Something I apologized for: maybe breaking the garbage can but it turned out that i didn't :)
3. The last person I thanked: emma for helping me put something away ( i used a task as a distraction to stop her from whining/crying - gawd, i'm getting tired of the whining LOL)
4. The last movie I watched: Taken, very good - suspenseful movie
5. My favorite song right now: i've gotta feeling by the black eyed peas
6. Where I ate out last: Denny's, Orlando
7. What I'm wearing right now: mikes boxer briefs, maine tshirt
8. What made me laugh: Emma and the things she says, the other morning i asked her if she messed up the tv, knowing that the satellite was just resetting itself, and she said, "i didn't do anything" so innocently and it just made me smile
9. The last person I spoke to on the phone: my sister, big surprise i know :)
10. Someone I'm thinking of right now: the kids - hoping they sleep thru the night