Thursday, April 03, 2008

Insight into ME

I found this on a friend's blog - Thanks Melissa....
Insight into ME

A=Available...not since april 2000 - married since nov 2003.
B=Best Friend...many great best friends and a really great sister i think of more as a friend.
C= Cake or pie...toss up - i like both but not a huge sweets/dessert fan so i could pass on both.
D= Drink of coke with lemon.
E= Essential item you use new centro palm phone/pda - love it.
F= Favorite color...i like blue and green, look good in pink and red so i like those too.
G= girlie girls...i'm not really a girlie girl - i don't do makeup and just started blowing my hair dry every morning in a super long time - maybe when Emma gets older i'll get a bit more girlie.
H= Hometown...Ellsworth, ME.
J= January or February...either or no preference.
K= Kids and Names..Nicholas Michael and Emma Grace.
L= Life is incomplete children.
M= Marriage date...November 1, 2003.
N=Number of siblings...officially none :) but i have 2 half brothers, 1 step sister, 1 step brother and i had an exchange student sister when i was in high school and we are still close and consider each other sisters.
O= Oranges or apples...fuji apples usually, but recently i have been loving clementines (my sister turned me onto them-addictive really).
P= Phobias or Fears...honestly don't think i really have any - i don't care for the DARK DARK.
Q= Favorite Quote... "live well, laugh often, love much".
R= Reason to smile...My kids' laughter - great joke.
S= Season...Fall without a doubt - the biggest thing i miss from the north.
T= Truth or dare...i think i would choose truth - really don't have much to hide.
U= Unknown fact about me...i was a virgin until i met my husband.
V= Vegetable you don’t like...brussel spouts...don't think i have ever eaten them but i don't want to.
W= Worst habit...picking my hang nails but now i have my acrylics back on it isn't a problem anymore.
X= X-rays...this week or ever? not this week but definitely in my past - lots of sprained ankles growing up.
Y= Your favorite
Z= Zodiac Sign...Libra (October 13th)

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Melissa said...

Love getting to know you a lilttle bit more!