Thursday, January 08, 2009

wasted day...

another wasted day at work and i wasn't even messing around doing my own thing...finally got with the computer guy around 11 on the phone and he says he wants to take my laptop so that he can work on it while he does other things (cheaper i suppose) now i have to back everything i want to save onto my external hard drive and then i feel like i have to have a hard copy too so i do it to DVDs.....that pretty much takes my whole afternoon...i end up moving to Tim's computer and installing quickbooks there so i can do some work...i wanted to leave work by 430 at the latest so i could get a good 2 hrs in at the gym...NOPE, didn't leave till 6 and then had to run and get a new bluetooth....made it to the gym by 650 but got in a good work out in the hour or so i gave myself...then headed off to return nick's broken toy, pick up chinese food, pick up the kids, put them to bed after snuggle time and sit down to eat my chinese takeout with my hubby....IT WAS 10pm when we sat down together to eat...seriously, how do i pack sooo much into one day??? sometimes i wonder how i don't bust at the seams......okay so my day was wasted but i seem to have accomplished quite a bit tonight, including updating my photo blog with 2 pics and updating, i did good today :)

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