Friday, February 10, 2006


okay, so here is a question....why do "we" resist walking as is so easy to do, not strenuous at all and makes you feel better about yourself i decided to walk to the bank and then onto Burger King in the opposite direction for a soda to go with my took me 40 minutes for the whole trip and i felt so good/proud of myself for making the time....why haven't i done this before...what the hell is 20-40 minutes out of my day...i have a treadmill at home, i have to make the time to walk on it....if i put in a 1/2 hour show that i have taped and walk till the end of it, i could get in 20+ minutes of exercise a day...if i put in an hour long show i could get 40+ minutes without the commercials...what the hell is wrong with me....I COMMIT TO WALKING 20+ MINUTES A DAY FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS A WEEK FROM THIS DAY FORWARD.....whether i do it inside or outside, i must make the time.....

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Melissa said...

I agree! Walking is not a hard exercise, but I have found myself not wanting to walk for various reasons. But, I can sure waste 40 minutes in front of the computer doing absolutly nothing productive...Keep up the great work! You look fantastic!