Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sleeping babies

What is it about a sleeping baby that is so peaceful???? i put nicholas down for a nap today at 1152 he was in dreamland....i just laid next to him and watched him sleep for a few minutes before heading downstairs....of course he only ended up sleeping for 25 minutes but ohhhhh welll...when i came back up to lay him back down, we laid together for more than a 1/2 an hour...he finally fell asleep again but for only a few minutes....But while i laid with him, he was sooooo peaceful and looked soooo sweet....i could watch him forever after he falls asleep if i didn't have so many things to do.....this afternoon as we headed home from the zoo he fell asleep in his carseat....i knew he would since he had such a short nap earlier....when we got home i just let him lay on my chest for a while before putting him in his crib....i love the way his breathing changes when he is in a deep sleep....having a child is like owning a piece of heaven...i truly feel blessed to have this opportunity to be a mother....

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