Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Journey - Month 7 - July 09

Today - 7/14/09
1. What I had for lunch today: lean cuisine lasagna, salad w/lt italian dressing, fruit salad (watermelon, blueberries, strawberries)
2. Something I apologized for: to mike for being home so late last night from the mall with the kids (haircuts, new shoes and dinner for them brought us home way past 830 which made our dinner after 9 once they were in bed)
3. The last person I thanked: mike for making dinner tonight
4. The last movie I watched: Horton Hears a Who
5. My favorite song right now: the climb by miley cyrus
6. Where I ate out last: fon shaun's take out
7. What I'm wearing right now: dark grey exercise pants, race for the cure tshirt (heading on the treadmill)
8. What made me laugh: emma climbing in the back window of mike's car while i was moving and readjusting his car seats
9. The last person I spoke to on the phone: mike saying i was on my way to get nick
10. Someone I'm thinking of right now: me, get on the treadmill girlie, get off the computer...

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Melissa said...

look at you and your sassy smile! LOVE it!!