Thursday, August 02, 2007

night #2

okay so we are onto night #2....didn't get started until about 930 because he was at my mom's house until 9pm.....teeth, books and off to bed at about 945....stayed in bed for about 5 min and then started crying for me and came out to get me to put him back in bed....i picked him up and cuddled him for a few seconds and reminded him i am right at the computer and put him back to bed....he has now come out 3 times and it has only been about 4 minutes....i think i will keep count tonight....5 times now.....6..7..8..9..10...i must be up to 15 by now...mike just took a turn putting him back....i reminded him not talking and no looking at him....definitely up to 20 by now....i don't even get to turn my back before he winds up again....i'm seriously laughing right now....cause i know what this is going to is he good.....

much much more of the same....crying hysterically, out of bed, back to bed.....over and over again.....

1011 oh yeah it's still going on.....

stilllll going at first tonight i was laughing cause this is i'm just getting pissed again that he will not just stay in bed......he just calmly and quietly said mommy as i put him back in bed....i said what???? and he said mommy i want you to sleep with me.....SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! god am i a sucker or what??? i said no mommy is not sleeping with you and walked out the door

okay now i have to go back to no talking to him.....he came out again for the i don't know how manyth time and i put him back and he kept saying mommy quietly in bed so i said what again.....and he said i need a hug and i gave him one and the he asked for his blanket to cover his feet...i told him if he kept getting out of bed i was not going to talk to him, i was going to go back to putting him back in bed and walking out....he is calling to me still but is staying in the bed...i said how can daddy come check you if you are not staying in your bed??? he asked to watch a movie to fall asleep...what???? when have we ever done that??? what a silly boy.....anyway, he is staying in bed so i just sent mike in to "check" on him so he can see that daddy is still here and will check on him if he stays in bed.....little modification again tonight but so far it seems to be working....Nick does not like to be ignored and it kills him when i don't answer him when he calls to me or talks to me when i put him back in bed and it hurts me too, i hate ignoring my child....he is calling me for a reason, i know that reason tonight is to stall going to bed, but it is still a reason to him....look at me rationalizing the situation :)

mike has been in to say goodnight and nick has still not gotten out of bed since 1024...i just went and kissed him and whispered to him that he was doing a very good job staying in bed, i was proud of him, now he has to just stop crying and go to sleep, i'm right in the other room and i love him....

no more crying....maybe waiting for me to come "check" him again....who knows but he is quiet and in bed.....whoooohooooo for now....we'll see....

1036 end of night #2....he is asleep....and i am off to watch the last 15 min of Big Brother with my hubby on DVR....YEAHHHHHHHH....50 minutes tonight

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