Wednesday, August 08, 2007

new/old way to go to sleep

Okay so we tried the stay in bed technique for 7 days with a bit of success but have still not mastered it….so mike and I decided after I talked to kara last night after a very stressful bedtime that maybe we should move back to something that we have tried in the past with success… I said earlier today, my main goal is to get nick to go to sleep without us sleeping/laying down with him in his bed….so for now, we are going back to the sitting in his room not interacting with him and will eventually move our way out the door as the nights go by until we are completely out of the room in the hall for a few nights and then we should be able to just put him to bed and he will trust that we are still there and go to sleep without even thinking about us being in the hall behind the closed door….

Anyway, long story short, I brought nick home from my mom’s house around 915 and we read 2 books, checked out the new beta fish we bought and put in his room and then said our goodnights…I told him I would be sitting in the chair in his room and we gave hugs and kisses and he laid down in his bed…I no more than read like 2-3 pages in my book by the dim light and I heard him breathing heavy….i got up under the pretense to check on the fish and peaked at the little bugger, he was asleep….i swear it was no more than 5 minutes and I think he was asleep before I even got up to check him from the way he was breathing…now it may have been cause it was later and he is tired, but I have to think that it is easier for him to fall asleep when he is not stressed out thinking about us leaving him in his room alone… tomorrow night daddy will do the same thing and we will continue on this way until we get the results we are looking for in the end…..just wanted to share and now I am off to watch some tv with my hubby and maybe get to bed before 11….

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