Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Slacker or just a busy mom????

why is it in life we find time to get most of the things we have to get done each day, but don't squeeze in 5-10 min to do the things we want to??? i have wanted to post to my blog for weeks but haven't...i have wanted to parafin my feet but haven't....i've wanted to take a bath but haven't...i've wanted to put my husbands huge lot of tshirts that have been sitting in a basket and on the floor and on a nightstand and in the papazan chair in my bedroom for over 4 weeks in piles for goodwill or away in the drawers but haven't.....making up my bed with clean sheets.....posting a freeken message on my mom group's web page......why does not doing these things make me feel like a slacker even though i do so much else during the busy day....i've been exercising pretty regularly during the day for my lunch break...i did a spot clean on my house last weekend, picking up and putting away the essential clutter.....i got the items i sold on ebay shipped out to the highest bidder.....i spend time with my son when we get home from work up until he goes to bed.....i put away the dishes and clean up the kitchen most nights.....long story short, why isn't the day longer? why can't it all get done? and if it can't why can't we as women/people let it go? do the things we want to do and some of the things we need to do and let the rest get done when it gets done???? i have a friend who told me awhile back about how everything has a place and how she puts things away everyday...i noticed the other day that this friend has loosened up on her philosophy and i think she is happier for it....not everything has to get done every day - the world will not come to an end if the newspapers or junk mail stay on the table for one extra day....we don't have to feel like slackers when we don't get it all can't be done....

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Melissa said...

You are so right.
Right now there is a sink full of dishes and 3 laundry baskets to be put away. I am taking time for me. I have learned to let go and I believe I am a better person for it.
I wish there were 10 more hours in the day so that I could do more. More playing with Tanner, more time with Andy, more scrapbooking.
Don't get yourself down because you have "fallen behind" on little things. 10 years from now, you'll remember the playdates at the park, not if the dishes and laundry was done.