Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journey - Month 4 - April 09

Today - 4/14/09
1. What I had for lunch today: lean cuisine cheese french bread pizza, sliced cukes w/balsamic vin, carrots w/lt ranch dressing
2. Something I apologized for: to mike for coming home so late from work
3. The last person I thanked: mike for picking the kids up at school when i usually do
4. The last movie I watched: the 2nd half of forgetting sarah marshall
5. My favorite song right now: i'm yours by Jason Mraz
6. Where I ate out last: toojay's lunch with danielle from bunco more than 2wks ago
7. What I'm wearing right now: mike's boxer briefs, white tank top
8. What made me laugh: emma playing with her babies in their stroller and her shopping cart
9. The last person I spoke to on the phone: my mom
10. Someone I'm thinking of right now: my boss, i hope what i stayed late to finish for him was what/how he wanted it....i'm taking a personal day tomorrow and really hope when i walk in thurs there isn't attitude about me being off wed

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Melissa said...

:) thanks for sharing....I can't wait until Kara plays with her dolls :)