Monday, July 21, 2008


When I was struggling a while back a friend suggested that although it is not always easy, find positives in my here I go.....

1. 2 Healthy, beautiful children who make me smile EVERY DAY!!!!!
2. A husband who I know loves me even when we are having hard times
3. A roof over my head that we can afford to live in
4. A job that pays the bills and allows us to have the things we need/want/like
5. Great friends that are there when I need them
6. Family that will help out in times of trouble or just because
7. Living in an area that has many fun and different things for me to do with my children, beach, parks, library, playgrounds, movies - no need to travel to do things like when I was growing up
8. My People magazine subscription - even though I don't get to read it right away like I used to pre 2 kids, I know it is always going to be in my mailbox on Sat or at the latest Mon for when I can get to it
9. Big Brother 10 - it is just fun to just watch as other people make complete asses of themselves for my enjoyment
10. The fact that my husband keeps up with the pictures of my kids and their milestones
11. Even though I am not at my weight goal yet and I have gotten off track a few times so far this year, I still haven't gone all the way back to my bad habits and ways and "wasted" the work/accomplishments I have achieved this year with my weight. I'm still down almost 18 pounds since Jan and I know if I just persevere and stay on track, I can do this
12. I have a very comfortable bed - even my kids sleep well in it when I let them - not in the middle of the night!!!
13. Mike has been helping alot more lately with the kidsy chores and that has been very nice
14. Getting back to church in order to schedule Emma's christening has given me a better sense of "belonging", not really sure what it means, but I enjoy going to services and I no longer feel like it is a chore or burden on my Sundays

this list will continue to grow, but for now it really is quite "complete" - so I guess no matter how hard things seem sometimes, it does make you feel better to look at all the good in your life and know that things can only get better with time....


Brooke said...

YEAAAAAAH! You're back! I've been waiting for a new post...I get bored sometimes, I know...


P.S. Nice seeing you're 'outfit' on saturday night!!! HAHAHAAAAA

Melissa said...

I love your list of positives. Keep adding to it....and post it somewhere where you can look at it when you need to be reminded of them.

Especially on those crappy ass days :)