Tuesday, January 01, 2008

starting over....2008

okay so it's a new year - i want to make better choices this year

2008 resolutions.....
1. lose weight/get in better shape - eat better by following jenny craig and more balanced/portion controlled meals, exercise and positive thinking (goal of 53.8lbs gone by dec 31, 08)
2. have more patience with nick and mike - talk more - yell less - less angry mom/wife voice
3. spend more time with my extended family - plan monthly get togethers (meal, games, just chatting and catching up)
4. do family outings with the kids at least twice a month - new and old things - lion country, palm beach zoo, children's museum, miami aquarium, metro zoo, movies, playground, etc....
5. monthly night out with my husband - dinner or a movie or a museum or a play or a comedy show or walk on the beach with picnic or drive up A1A - no kids - no talk of kids - just mike and I
6. get my house in order so i can get a cleaning person to come on a regular basis
7. get nick to at least try something other than chix nuggets, pizza, cereal and pb and fluff sandwiches for lunch and dinner

think that about covers it - i think all my "resolutions" are completely doable....let's get this new year going - i'm ready

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