Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My big U/S - just 2 more days

okay so just 2 more days until my big U/S....we will get to find out what we are having for baby #2 if all works out okay....gotta remember to drink the OJ before i head over there to make the baby active...i have been feeling lots of movement now - some at night but more during the day too now....nick told me last wed or thursday that there was a baby in my belly...we hadn't told him yet, but it amazes me how much kids pick up from what is going on around them and from what is said by adults.....anyway, he knows and has said that it is a girl...we will have to wait and see on thursday....anyway, i have decided to start posting at least every other day from now on.....there is no reason why i can't take 2 minutes to write my thoughts and add to my blog...i'll stick some new pics of nick up here too.....

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